Ian Ardouin-Fumat

A sample of the talks I’ve given. Over the past years I’ve been invited to talk about information design, open data practice, and in one instance about the lack of diversity in tech.


*di*/zaïn #4 : Interactions (French)

Oldie but goodie! This took place at the early debuts of the Office for Creative Research. I talk about the multidisciplinary process involved in bringing data to the public space for Ben Rubin's Shakespeare Machine project.


Visualized 2015

A 20-minute talk co-presented with amazing OCR teammate Genevieve Hoffman. We discuss the limitations of storytelling in data visualization and make a case for designing exploratory interfaces.


Web2day 2017 (French)

I modestly hijacked Web2day's design panel to question the lack of gender diversity at French tech events. My presentation goes over projects I've worked on, viewed from the perspective of the women I was lucky to collaborate with. Many thanks to Genevieve Hoffman, Jane Friedhoff, and Ellery Royston. Presentation starts at 19:23.