Trained as an interaction designer in France, I've practiced creative coding and critical thinking around technology since 2012. My work revolves around the intersection of data and civil rights, information security, environmental conservation, and the art world.

These days, I am exploring how peer-to-peer technologies can foster people's digital agency.

Into the Okavango


Can we make open science accessible beyond academia? Into the Okavango turns a field expedition in Botswana into an immersive online experience and a user-friendly API.

Radiant City


In 1996, Lev Manovich described interactivity as a ‘totalitarian art form’, the internet as ‘a communal apartment of Stalin era.’ What can we learn from authoritarian architecture and its influence on social media?

Elephant Atlas


Elephant populations are declining dramatically in most African countries. Can data visualization provide tools for addressing this issue, given the complex scientific and socio-economic background involved in wildlife conservation?



How can we claim back the ownership over our online identity when most data systems are designed as black boxes? Floodwatch reverse-engineers targeted advertising by crowdsourcing data collection.

Specimen Box


What do botnets tell us when given a voice? Specimen Box is a research tool that lets us explore the personality of those malware networks.